Madame-Killer : Cool stuff from Japan & Latin America

Summer of 2003 Japanese owner/buyer, NICHI KASHIHARA opened the store "Madame-Killer" in Lower

East Side, NEWYORK for introducing Japanese designers and brands from NY to the world.

At that time, only a few "big" Japanese designers are known in the US fashion market. NICHI has been

trying to bring as many designers/brands as possible since opening. Now, the store has approx. 20 J-

brands including some cool brands from other countries.

Because of the variety of brands, the store is carrying from hip street stuff to High-end "designed" items.

So, once you step into the store, you can see what's cool in Japan now and you may feel that you are on

the street in Tokyo.

If you want to find something DIFFERENT, Madame-Killer is definitely the place!

MADAME-KILLER is Japanese-English. it means guy who attracts older ladys(same as Lady Killer..I guess).

In 2009, Madame-Killer opened the store in SOHO to introduce new/cool stuff from Brazil, Argentina and

some other countries along with Japanese brands.

In 2010, Madame-Killer organized Japanese street brands' runway show event "Tokyo Fashion Festa NY"

which collabolated with Fashion Institute of Technology(FIT).

2011: "Tokyo Fashion Festa Sao Paulo" in Brazil.

2012: Tokyo Fashion Festa Costa Rica & Tokyo Fashion Festa Moscow, Russia

2013: Tokyo Fashion Festa-Lecture Santiago (Chile)
           TFF-Talk in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

2014: TFF-Talk in Tokyo (Japan)
           Tokyo Fashion Festa Sao Pulo-Brasilicious! (Brazil)

2015: Tokyo Fashion Festa Santiago (Chile)

2017:"LatAm Fashion Now" project: Launch the new brand Madame-Killer MX (with Mexico)

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