Madame-Killer   : Ambassador of Japanese street fashion

**Madame-Killer is 
NY's first Japanese street fashion boutique
opened in 2003 in Lower East Side** 
Owner, NICHI is also organizing Japanese street fashion runway show &lecture
"TOKYO FASHION FESTA "and doing fashion consulting/buying
between Japan and other countries

Madame-Killer : Latin American Fashion specialist

**Madame-Killer opened SOHO store in 2009 to introduce Latin American fashion
    Nichi frequently visits many Latin American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico etc. for buying and reseach.
He also organize fashion event and lecture to support the export of LatAm fashion.
2017, He started new project "LatAm Fashion Now" to introduce LatAm fashion to other fashion market.


MADAME-KILLER Inc.は日本のファッションを世界に発信・普及させるためSHOP運営
や"TOKYO FASHION FESTA"というファッションショーを企画・運営しています。


**Tokyo Fashion Festa NY @FIT

Madame-Killer produce and organize Japanese street fashion show/lecture"Tokyo Fashion Festa" We do this event in different city in the world each time.

We have done in New York, Sao Paulo(Brazil). Costa Rica, Moscow(Russia) etc. We try to go as many city as possible to introduce cool Japanese street fashion.

 **Madame-Killer MX 

As the first project of "LatAm Fashion Now", We create the new brand "Madame-Killer MX" with Mexican governmant to explore business in other fashioin markets.

Check our latest NEWS at our facebook page, "Madame Killer" "Tokyo Fashion Festa NY"
You can also follow us on twitter, "Madame Killer"

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